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Hair is the most important feature of an individual. Almost sixty per cent of our looks are attributed to the way our tresses look. The key to developing gorgeous long tresses lies in taking proper care of our hair all the way to the ends. In order to grow beautifully nourished locks, it is essential for you to take good care of your hair beginning with a sound hair care routine.

A comb is an essential hairstyling tool made of solid material which is generally flat and always toothed. A comb is used in hair care for straightening and cleaning the hair. When one chooses a comb one should take into consideration one’s hair type. Thick, wavy, curly and Afro-type hair requires a wide toothed comb, whereas for styling a fine tail comb can be used.

One should avoid using cheap plastic combs that are made in a mould as they are sharp, and gradually scrape away the cuticle layers of the hair, causing damage to the hair and often breakage. Make sure that the size of the comb you choose should depend largely on the length of your hair, its density and texture.

Always comb the hair from the hair line as your hair benefits from upward strokes. Start by combing the hair to free it from knots and tangles. When you comb the sides of your head, the movements should be upwards and outwards. Work all around your head like the hands of a clock. Regular combing stimulates the scalp circulation and helps to distribute natural oils to the hair ends.

Types of combs:

Styling Comb: This comb is generally six to eight inches in length and has two different sets of teeth on either end. One end has moderately spaced teeth that are thicker and the other end has closely-spaced, fine teeth. The end one uses on the hair depends on ones hair’s density and texture. The styling comb is best used on hair of average density and texture.

Wide-Tooth Comb: This comb comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is generally larger than a styling comb and has teeth that are as much as ¼ to ½ inch apart but in some cases the teeth are wider at the spine of the comb and taper towards the ends. A wide-tooth comb is good for combing wet hair and for combing dense or curly hair.

Tail Comb: The tail comb consists of closely-spaced teeth at one end and a long thin tail-like handle at the other end. The tail is used by hair stylists for separating and sectioning the hair for various styling processes or for separating hair before using rollers or braiding the hair.

Pick comb: The pick comb is a variation of the wide-tooth comb. The only difference is that its teeth may be more closely spaced. The pick comb is used for detangling and fluffing extremely curly and kinky hair. This comb can also be used to separate the curls in hair that has been styled to be curly without causing the hair to frizz.

How to use a comb:

To choose the best comb one must take into account the nature of one’s hair, convenience and style.

The comb should be used with care as one can cause damage to the scalp, the hair cuticle and may also lead to breakage of hair.

A comb should not be used on wet hair. First, one should dry their hair with a towel and then use a comb to avoid damaging the hair.

Using a comb in the opposite direction to comb hair must be avoided as it will cause hair falling.

One should only use a comb 2 to 3 times in a day as frequent combing can damage the hair follicles and the scalp.

One should not use other people’s combs as it may lead to fungal and bacterial infections.

The comb should be cleaned before and after use to prevent hair and dirt from depositing in the gap.

Combs are one of the most essential hair styling tools. A comb is something that every person needs to keep hair looking neat and beautiful. One should always keep a comb handy either in a hand bag or in the pocket so that one is always prepared for any unforeseen events in everyday life.

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