2010 Cool and Funky Hairstyles Trends

The trends in the hair style industry keep on changing with the changing time. 2010 has come and has brought with it various new and stylish hair style trends. Cool and funky hair styles are very popular this year. Let us here discuss about various cool and funky hair styles in the year 2010.

Cool and funky hair styles in the year 2010

The emo hair style is considered to be a very popular hair style this year. A wild yet causal look is attained with the help of emo hair style. Emo hair style is versatile in nature and enhances the personality and the look of an individual. Emo hair style goes very well along with all kinds of hair cuts and hair lengths which are longer than jaw line.

Bob hair cut is also very popular this year. This hair cut is very easy to manage. Bob hair cut does not require much maintenance and looks fabulous. The look and the style of the bob hair cut can be augmented by adding bangs to the hair style. Texture and movement can be added to the hair style by adding delicate layers to the bob hair style.

Pixie hair cut is also one of the hair styles, which is in demand this year. A very stylish look of the hair style is attained with the pixie hair cut. Any woman can carry this trendy hair style in an elegant manner.

Braids and plaits are coming back this year. A modern look of the hair style is attained by tying the hair in the form of a ponytail and making a simple fish like plait. An individual can make braids in the hair in numerous ways. All the hair can be tied in the form of a braid; only the ponytail can be tied in braid form; or only certain hair strands are tied in the form of braid to get combination of braided and straight hair style.

Thus, there is no doubt that there are various options available for styling the hair this season. The above discussion on hair style trends in the year 2010 clearly reveals that the best hair styles are the combination of two or more styles together to give a trendy and funky look.