5 Minute Casual Updos

Updos are the perfect ways of creating fabulous hair styles. A great stylish look of the hair is obtained with a hair updo. There are many ways of creating an updo. There are many kinds of updos that can be made in a very short span of time.

Let us here discuss about some of the 5 Minute Casual Updos.

High Ponytail

Ponytail is a very good way to enhance the look of the hair style. Busy people like this hair style a lot. It is very easy to make. High ponytail helps in adding a great flair to the hair and the looks of an individual. The hair are brushed properly and pulled upwards, where they are tied with a pony tail holder. One can make use of bobby pins to hold the ponytail. A hair spray can be used to let the style last for a long time.


A very nice bun can be created in just five minutes. A bun can be carried either on a formal event or on a casual occasion. Buns help a great deal in keeping the hair away from the face and the neck. A few bobby pins are required to create this hair updo. The hair are detangled properly and a low or high ponytail is made. The hair are then wrapped at the base. They are then secured with the help of bobby pins. The tips of the hair are set to lie free, so that a little messy look is attained. A gorgeous look can be attained by applying a trendy hair pin or a headband at the top.


Half updos are the best for people who do not want the hair to fall at the face, but also want to get pleasure from the cascading hair locks. Upper section of hair is taken from both the sides and tied in the form of a ponytail. A ponytail holder or an elastic band is used to hold the collected hair. One can create a fabulous look by curling the flowing strands.