Alopecia and Homeopathy Remedies

Gradual hair loss has been scientifically termed as alopecia and is a partial or complete hair loss which results from genetics. Sufferers usually become completely bald in their 5th year of alopecia. Alopecia occurs when the body is not able to produce new hairs. This condition is mainly founded in more men as compared to women.

The pattern of balding involves a diminishing hair line and thinning of hair around the crown and then moving further.

Apart from genetics hair loss can also be due to hormonal imbalance and age – related reasons. Other reasons include, scalp rubbing due to stress or nervous tendencies. Too much use of chemically treated shampoos, conditioners, gels and heat producing appliances could also result in excessive hair loss.

Some medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy could also result in hair loss. Other disorders like thyroid, serious ailments related to tumour of adrenal glands and immunity disorder could also result in hair loss.

There are many homeopathic treatments that are available for hair loss. These treatments include the use of nitricum acidum, fluoric acid, sepia along with application of a mixture of coconut oil and arctium lappa, ceanothus and tropaeolum.

Natrum Mur is a an important treatment which is very useful in curbing hair loss by controlling flaking dandruff. Lycopodium is a tablet that is prescribed when suffering from premature hair loss. This treatment is advised to females who lose hair during menopause, child birth or pregnancy.

If your scalp is giving you pain, it is a good idea to take a treatment containing selenium. Finally take silicea (type of tissue salt) for proper nourishment of hair resulting in healthy and strong hair.

While there are numerous treatments for curing hair loss, homeopathy in recent days has also become a popular remedy for many. It is important to consult a homeopathic specialist on the dosages and other information before taking any such treatment.