Asymmetric Big Hair Roll From 60s

Hair style is one of the important features that help in augmenting the personality and the looks of an individual. There are numerous ways of styling the hair. No hair style looks old and worn out, if it is worn in a good manner.

Each and every hair style has its own advantages and features. Let us here discuss about the asymmetric big hair roll from 1960s that are really easy to create and give a great and stylish look to the hair of an individual.

The hair are prepared with the help of hair styling cream so as to add texture to the hair and smoothen the hair strands. The hair styling cream is applied on damp hair.

A two inch hair band is sectioned out around the hairline’s front.

A brush is taken and the remaining hair are back-brushed so as to add a light and airy texture in the hair. One can also tease the remaining hair or back comb the hair to add texture.

The hair are then misted with a light hair spray.

The hair at the back are gathered together loosely in a ponytail at neck’s nape.

The hair are then pushed upwards for creating height, and secured with the help of pins.

A hair style finishing spray is then misted on the hair.

Front hair line is taken down and placed in center part. It is then smoothened with comb and the ends are secured with the help of pins at neck’s nape.

A ravishing asymmetric big roll hair style is ready, which really gives a fabulous look. Though the hair style is taken from the 1960s, yet the look that it delivers is really fabulous. Women supporting this hair style really look gorgeous and fabulous.

Asymmetric big roll hair style has again come in fashion and no longer looks outdated. There are many celebrities which are seen supporting this fabulous hair style in a great way.