Best Haircuts for Thick Hair

Some people have the advantage of having thick and beautiful hair. It is really great to have thick and heavy hair. But, managing such thick and heavy hair may be difficult and uncontrollable. There are a lot of challenges associated with thick and heavy hair. One may have frequent head aches due to heaviness in the head due to thick hair. The weight of the thick hair may be too heavy, thus causing discomfort. On above of that the problems with managing the hair may be more if such thick hair is curly.

It is very important to have a proper hair cut done, so that it becomes easy to manage the thick hair. The kind of hair cut would depend on the hair type, face cut, and the texture of the hair.

Some of the hair style tips for thick hair are mentioned below:

Chin length short hair styles should be avoided, as more volume in curly hair would be difficult to manage with short hair styles. Long curly hair styles would be more easy to control, as the weight of the curls would be downwards.

Go for a layered hair cut to create more bounce and reduce the weight of the hair.

Bangs can also help to lighten the weight of the hair.

Hair straighteners can also be used to straighten the hair and create a thinning effect. Ensure that you apply a heat protecting spray on your hair before using the hair straighteners, as the heat that is generated from them may damage the hair.

Medium length hair style with soft waves look the best on thick hair.

There is no doubt that braids and updos look great on thick hair; however it may be difficult to clip all the hair into a single hair barrette or clip. Thus half updos are the better option to style thick hair.

Shampoo and condition the thick hair well, so that all dirt and oil are successfully removed from the hair.

Talk to a good hair stylist who can help you a great deal in deciding the best hair cut for your thick hair.