Celebrity Hair Extension Disasters

Celebrities are the trend setters. The way they walk, the way they dress up, the style they show, all become the trend. Celebrity hair styles are copied most often and are mush in demand. People are most of the times fond of the hair styles of their favorite celebrities. It should however not be forgotten that these hair styles are not natural every time. Most of the times hair extensions are used by the celebrities to enhance their hair style.

It sometimes happens that the celebrity hair extensions turn into a disaster. It is always advised that the hair extensions should be double the length of the natural hair and should be properly blended in the original hair to give a natural look. However, sometimes the hair dresser forgets to leave any hair at the hair line to conceal the bonds. This results in celebrity hair extension disaster.

The hair extension of the celebrities can appear to be bad due to cheap looking scarf carried by them to disguise the hair. In order to carry a particular character in a movie the hair extension turns into a disaster here.

Incorrect application of the hair extensions is clear from the fact that the bonds have been applied too close to the scalp, thus causing a disaster.

Incorrect color choice of the hair extension that does not match with the natural hair color to give a different look to the character one is playing in the movie also results in a hair extension disaster. The different color shades do not blend with each other and thus prove to be disastrous.

Hair extensions are sometimes blended too close to the parting, thus pulling the hair. This makes the natural hair visible and results in a disaster.

Celebrities often have to compromise on their natural hair styles and shape their hair styles according to the role they are playing in the movie. This results in hair extension disasters.


  • Brianna

    Will different colour Extensions work with my natural hair colour?

    I really want extensions. Im not sure if it will work because i want to keep my natural colour (light brown) and get chocolate brown extensions. I would like to get my hair fully done in extensions. Kind of giving a scene kind of look. Unsure if it will work though.