Celebrity Hairstyles to Bring in 2010

2010 has come and has brought with it various new trends in the hair style industry. From where do we come to know about the new trends in the hair style industry? People get various ideas about the new hair styles from the celebrities. Celebrities are the trend setters. Celebrities set various kinds of trends in the hair style industry. Let us here discuss about various celebrity hair styles to bring in 2010.

Natural look of the hair would remain in 2010 and in the coming years. Both naturally long hair and naturally short hair always look good. Celebrities also like to carry their natural hair style as far as possible. They dress up their natural hair in various ways to get a ravishing look. Bands and clips can be added to the short hair to get a fabulous look of the hair style. Long hair can be styled in numerous ways, viz updos, curly hair styles, straight hair styles, partial updos etc.

Emo hair styles have made a come back in 2010. Emo hair styles look edgy and fresh. However, it is very important for an individual to determine the suitability of the emo hair style with respect to the facial features, as it is not necessary for emo hair style to suit everyone.

Shoulder length hair styles are being worn by many celebrities this year. Such hair styles are gaining huge popularity and help in augmenting the looks and the personality of an individual in a great way.

Some celebrities are seen wearing very short hair styles too. Pixie cut and bob cut are the short hair styles that are popular among the celebrities this year. Tousled look can be given to the pixie hair cut to get a stylish look of the hair style.

Short hair cut, styled with layers and bangs, is also a very popular hair style among many stars.  The hair style can be accentuated in a very nice manner with the help of large curls.

Thus, it would be right to state that both long and short hair styles are in trend this year. Anyone willing to give a fresh beginning to the hair style should go for pixie cut. Wearing long hair style is the best option as there are many ways to play with long hair and make the hair style look gorgeous and fabulous.