Color Draping at Home

February 24, 2009

It is a very well known fact that colors have a great impact on the personality of an individual. The dresses in the wardrobe may be pleasing you or may be working completely against you. It is very important to understand that colors affect your beauty and appearance. To understand color draping at home follow the following tips.

To see which color suits you the most, one must perform color testing under the sunlight or the bulbs. Testing for the right color in any other artificial light will not give the correct results.

While performing color testing, make sure that you are not using make up, as color testing will give the right results with your natural skin color and skin tone.

In case of colored hair, tie them back and wrap a towel of plain white color around the hair, to prevent any wrong influence of the hair color.

Don’t wear any jewelry, and make sure that you wear white colored clothes for color testing.

Unflattering colors

Unflattering colors are held up to the face. You will observe the gaze going in the downward direction towards the mouth and the nose.

The blemishes would appear, and the color and the texture of the skin would seem to be uneven.

The dark circles would be more visible.

Thus, a person would look entirely tired and exhausted in such a case.

Flattering colors

In case of flattering colors the direction of the gaze is towards the eyes.

The color and the texture of the skin seem to be even and the blemishes don’t appear.

A healthier and shining complexion appears.

The overall appearance in case of flattering colors is vibrant and glowing.
This way, one can perform color draping at home and see which colors suit them and which colors are not meant for them. Try the same procedure for different colors and choose the colors that are best for your skin tone and your personality.


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