Cute Short Haircuts for Kids

Thinking of the right kind of hair cut for your little kid? There is no need to go anywhere. Just have a look at the following easy to manage and simple hair styles for your little kid and get numerous ideas for styling the hair of your little ones.

While selecting the right kind of hair cut for your kid, it is very important to ensure that the hair style is simple and does not require much care and maintenance. There is no doubt that long hair really looks beautiful, but managing them can be really difficult for kids. So, short and manageable hair styles are the best options for kids, as they can be easily managed and remain tangle free and clean.

Bob hair cut

Bob hair cut is really a good option for kids. The bob hair cut is just below jaw line and frames the shape of the face in a very nice manner. One can go for bangs in the bob hair cut or can have single length bob hair cut. The hair cut looks classy, cute and clean.

Pixie hair cut

The pixie hair cut really looks cute on kids. The face is highlighted in a very good manner with the help of this hair cut. This is really a very popular hair cut for the small kids. Adding few curls or bangs in the hair style helps a great deal in enhancing the look of the pixie hair cut. The style can be dressed up with the help of a headband or ribbons.

Layered hair cut

Going for a layered hair cut of shoulder length is one of the fabulous hair styles for small kids. The layers help in adding bounce and body to the hair style and remain free of tangles.

Classic tapered haircut

A classic tapered hair cut can be created by going for short buzz hair cut, while adding class to it with the help of longer hair at the top and tapering it for matching the short hair at the sides. The hair at the top of the head can be left shorter or little longer, depending on the desired look.