Diabetes and Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss is considered to be very severe and brings a person into great stress and tension. Hair loss may occur due to several factors, such as lack of nourishment, intake of certain medicines, stress, sun’s heat, use of hair styling products and equipments, and certain diseases. One of the diseases which may impact the hair of an individual is diabetes. Let us here have an insight into diabetes and hair loss.

People suffering from diabetes have to face hair loss problems. Diabetes may occur due to many factors and so is the hair loss problem. In case of diabetes, an individual feels tired most of the times. Thus, an individual suffering from diabetes is sure to witness the problem of hair loss. Thus, it is very important for an individual to take rest as and when he feels tired. A good amount of sleep is very important. Also, make sure that you eat something or the other at regular intervals. Don’t ignore to eat food, just because you are busy.

A person may have to suffer from bacterial and fungal infections due to diabetes. These infections may affect the scalp and may lead to hair loss. in such a case, it is very important to cure these infections after taking proper consultation from the doctor; else the problem of hair loss due to diabetes would keep on worsening day by day.

Also, if one wants to prevent hair loss due to diabetes and other reasons, it is very important that proper diet full of nutrients is taken. Lack of nourishment to the scalp would result in hair loss. Incorporate healthy food in the diet to witness healthy hair growth and to guard against hair loss. In extreme cases, if one is not able to restore the hair growth in case of diabetes, one may go for hair implantation surgery as the last option. That is the last solution in case of hair loss due to diabetes.