Dry Hair Treatments – Why is Your Hair So Dry?

Do you have dry hair? Are you thinking of the causes of your dry hair? Do you want to learn about some of the effective solutions to cure your dry hair? Dry hair looks dull and frizzy and spoils the beauty of the hair. Your hair may become dry due to various reasons.

Let us here discuss about various causes of dry hair and ways to treat the problem.

The hair may become dry due to exposure of the hair to sun. The sun produces ultra violet rays which are very harmful for the hair, thus making the hair dry and frizzy. It is recommended to make use of sunscreen enriched hair care products, so that hair damage due to sun’s rays is prevented.

Exposure of the hair to heat generating hair styling equipments such as blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron leads to the problem of hair dryness. The heat that is generated from these equipments is very harmful for the hair, thus making the hair dry and brittle. So, use of such equipments for hair styling should be minimized.

Use of alcohol enriched hair styling products such as hair sprays and hair gels is very damaging for the hair. Alcohol is a drying agent and makes the hair dry. Therefore, make sure to select the hair styling products that are free of alcohol.

Lack of moisture in the hair is one of the major reasons for hair dryness. So make sure to provide hot oil treatment to the scalp at least twice in a week to provide appropriate level of moisturizing to the hair.

Lack of hydration also leads to dry hair. Make sure to drink lot of water in a day, so that the hair gets required level of hydration and remains soft and smooth.

Improper nutrition is one of the major reasons for dry and brittle hair. It is very important to feed the hair with appropriate nutrition, so that the hair grows in a healthy manner and does not become dry and frizzy. Make sure to include foods such as fish, milk, yogurt, nuts, soybean and green vegetables in your diet for promoting the health of the hair and making the hair soft and smooth.