Emo Hairstyle Trends

Experimenting with hair is the biggest trend for today’s youth. Young teens do not hesitate in trying different hair styles, cuts and colours.

A new hairstyle which has recently become popular is the ‘emo hairstyle’. People who wear it are more commonly known as ‘emo boy’ or ‘emo girl’. The style is supposed to show one’s creativity and individuality like any other piece of art. This trendy hairstyle can be defined as something that expresses one’s innermost feelings and emotions.

The emo hairstyle is varied. However certain characteristics that define typical emo hairstyles are fringes or bangs covering the eyes or swept on one side. Emo hairstyles are often characterized by deep dark colours like black.

This deep dark colour has bold highlights in colours like red, purple, blue, pink or orange. Infact the more unnatural the colour, the better emo hairstyle lovers like it. Many people just keep their hair natural and add bold highlights to it. Emo hairstyle wearers hardly cover their hair with accessories.

The emo hairstyle in one word can be defined as wild. Their uncontrolled appearance tries to communicate their individuality and creativity. However the look is often misunderstood by many who look at it as a sign of aggressive or rebellious.

Bangs look great on straight hair. Those with curly, frizzy or wavy hair may find it difficult to cut bangs or fringes. However today various smoothening lotions are available to smoothen curly or wavy hair. Another option is to use flat iron straightners.

Short emo haircut involves a spiky hair cut with long bangs that are worn in fringes on one side. These bangs most often cover one eye. The fringe can be further highlighted by bold colour streaks. Long emo haircut involves a shaggy cut with bangs that are worn in the same way as they are in the short emo haircut. This hair cut is more often seen in dark colours and layered haircuts.