Eye Cosmetics And Make Up

Eye make up is a very important part of the overall beauty make up of a person. A lot of care is required while doing the eye make up. Just wash your eyes nicely before going for an eye make up. Your hands should be also absolutely clean and tidy. Various kinds of eye make up products include eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, glitter, eye defining pencil, eyebrow pencil, and under eye concealers.

Eye shadow

Eye shadows are available in a variety of colors. An eye shadow is applied on the eyelid and the area below the eyebrows. Usually a light color is preferred in the day and a dark color during night. A light color is chosen for the brow bone area and a color shade matching with the dress is chosen for the eyelid. Both the shades should be applied in a very neat manner by an eye brush and should blend with each other.

Eye liner

Eye liners are available in different colors, of which black is quite common. There are two types of eye liners viz liquid and pencil. Utmost care should be taken while using liquid eye liners, so that it doesn’t enter the eyes. If the shade of the eye liner matching with the dress is not available, apply black. A thin line is made of the eye liner on the eyelid, just above the eye lashes.


Mascara is basically used to thicken the eye lashes. It makes the eyes look more attractive. Just have a thin coat of mascara on the eye lashes with a brush and see how they emphasize your eyes.


Glitter is used to give your eyes a shiny look. It is basically applied on the eyelid after the eye shadow and eye liner are applied. A touch of it is only given.

Eye defining pencil

The eye defining pencil is also available in different colors and enhances the beauty of your eyes and makes them look wider. A thin line of it is applied below the lower eye lashes.

Eyebrow pencil

An eyebrow pencil is applied on the eye brows to give shape to your eyebrows and give a thicker look to them. It should be of the same color as that of your eye brows.

Under eye concealers

Under eye concealers are applied to hide any spots or dark circles below your eyes.