Fun Hair Facts

There are many interesting facts about hair that people are generally not aware of. Let us have an insight into these fun hair facts and fictions.

According to scientists, human hair is very strong like aluminum. Also, when the hair are wet, they have the ability to stretch to one and a half times their length.

The hair, when woven into a rope, have the ability to support a balanced weight of 2,000 pounds.

The growth of the hair is faster during summers, as compared to winters. Also, the process of growth is faster during the day than in night.

As the composition of hair does not involve living cells, cutting the hair does not cause pain. Same is the case with nails too.

It is also observed that some people have curly hair during their childhood, but as they grow with age, the hair turns straight. The reasoning behind this is that the scalp expands with age, and thus the shape of the hair follicle changes. In some cases, illness or any kind of disease may also cause expansion or contraction of the scalp.

In all the cases, it is 90% of the hair that keeps on growing at any time. The length of the hair reached its maximum, if not cut for 4-6 years. The remaining 10% if the hair is in the resting phase, and eventually falls off to make room for new hair to grow.

When your hair stops producing melanin that gives natural color to the hair, the hair starts graying. The major factors contributing to this condition are heredity, stress, birth control pills, dieting.

Water acts a s a very good ingredient for the nourishment of the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to have adequate intake of water daily, so that the hair do not look dull and oily.

Hair care products with silicone as one of the ingredients help to give shine to the hair.