Get Rid of That Hairdresser Smell

Has one ever noticed the foul smell when you go inside or come outside the salon? Also, the smell is in the hair, which probably you might have never noticed. All the chemical procedures done at the salon are sure to leave some kind of smell, and your hair are sure to be affected due to that.

In some cases, the odor may not be that prominent. In other cases, the odor may be very strong. Porous hair tend to hold the smell for a longer time period than the non porous hair. Also, the odor is more prominent in the long hair as against that in short hair. the odor gradually goes away when the hair are washed. However, if the odor is very strong, then it may not go away with the washing of the hair with a shampoo.

Also, if you get the hair washed at a salon, then the hair may be properly washed with a shampoo and conditioned with a conditioner. However, if still the smell does not go away, wash the hair again with a gentle shampoo the next day, and rinse well. Take a fragrance conditioner, and let it stay on the hair for some time. Thereafter rinse the hair with water. This would leave a nice fragrance in the hair.

When one goes for perms, the smell may last in the hair for a long time. It may also last for as long as three months when the next perm is due. In such a case, run a mixture of one cup of water and four spoons of baking soda through the hair. When the hair gets dry, wash them with a shampoo. Apply a leave in conditioner after that. The odor would disappear. Application of the mixture of water and lavender essential oil also helps in neutralizing the odor of the perms.

Try the above remedies and remove the hair dresser smell.