Gray Hair

People face many kinds of hair disasters in day to day life. Some people commit the mistake of cutting their own hair, thus repenting later on of cutting it too much. Now, the entire enthusiasm is lost, and the people get into a fix as to what should be done. Let us here discuss some of the tips that a person can follow in such a situation, thus making the hair style look better. The quick fixes for hair disasters are listed below.

Initially, it is advised to stop and not cut the hair any more. Some people think of cutting the hair further so as to make the style look better and even. However, this may even worsen the situation. So don’t go any further with the hair cutting process.

If the hair cut has been spoiled from the front, keep all the hair on the side. This would make the hair style look better, and people would consider it as the way you style your hair.

If the hair has been cut wrongly at the back, just comb all the hair at the back, so that the butchered hair is mixed with the other hair. Go for a funky up-do, which will make the people think of a funky hair style, thus adding glamour and style to your hair.

In case the scalp is shown, cover the bald patch with mascara that is of the same color as your hair, thus hiding the bald spots and making it mingle up with the rest of the hair.

In order to deal with a bad hair cut, one can also make use of a hair band or a hat to cover the hair disaster.

In case the hair has been butchered extensively, and the hair disaster cannot be hidden with the help of the above mentioned tips, one can also think of getting rid of all the hair, and let the hair grow nicely again. There is no doubt that this is a very bold decision, but some people really take this daring decision. One can also go for a very short hair style, if not completely bald.