Hair Care in Humid Climate

More care of the hair is required in humid weather. There is an expansion in the hair, when they are wet. In the same way, in humid weather also, due to moisture in the hair, the hair swells, and expands. The hair may become curly and fluffy in humid weather, thus causing the hair to become frizzy. There is a great need to provide proper nourishment to the hair, so that the hair is not affected due to the moisture in the humid weather. Some of the hair care tips in humid climate have been discussed below.

In case of fine hair, the hair becomes limp and flat due to the presence of moisture in the air. In order to prevent the moisture from entering into the hair, make use of a light leave in conditioner. Apply hair serum and use the blow dryer so that the ends of the hair are sealed. Make sure that you don’t use excessive hair serum; else the hair may get damaged.

Curly and frizzy hair requires more care in humid weather. It is very important to seal the external part of the hair. Go for deep hair conditioning with a creamy leave in conditioner. Also make use of anti frizz serum on the hair to weigh down the curls and the frizzy hair. the cuticles are sealed as the hair shafts get coated with silicone due to the use of anti frizz serum.

In case of excessive frizzy hair, use the serum on the hair while the hair is wet. This would prevent the hair to absorb water, thus preventing it to go frizzy as it dries. More benefit can be attained by taking the gel and the serum together in the hands and applying through the entire hair. This would enable to provide more definition and shape to the curls, thus preventing the hair to go frizzy.