Hair Care Tips For The Summer

The care for hair differs from season to season. Here we are going to throw some light on the hair care tips for summers. In summers, it is very important to protect the hair from the sun’s heat, as heat damages the hair. Swimming is very often done in summers. The hair also gets affected due to the presence of chlorine in the swimming pool. The ways to take care of the hair during summers and to prevent the hair from being affected due to the chlorine in swimming pool have been discussed below.

The protective film that protects the hair and makes them look shiny and smooth breaks down in summers due to the effect of heat. The hair gets affected not only because of the heat of the sun, but also due to the hair styling products and equipments.

The hair becomes dry as a result and the moisture from the hair is lost. Thus, it is advised to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to restore back the lost shine and smoothness in the hair.

Humidity is also a problem in summers. The hair gets weighed down due to the humidity, and the scalp produces oil. There is a natural tendency of the person to run his fingers in the hair due to the irritation caused by the oil produced in the hair.

It is very important to stop running the fingers in the hair, so as to not to spread the oil to other parts of the scalp. Also, choose a shampoo that removes the dirty oil from the scalp, thus providing the required hydration to it.

In order to prevent the hair from being affected by the chlorine in the swimming pool, it is recommended that you wear a swim cap or condition the hair before going out for a swim bath.

There may be a lot of split ends in your hair due to hair coloring and the use of hair styling equipments such as blow dryer and curling iron. It is recommended to go for regular trimming of hair, if you want to get rid of the split ends in the hair.