Hair Gel

Among various kinds of hair styling products, hair gel is one of them. Hair gel helps a great deal in making the hair smooth and shiny.

Hair gel is very strong hair style holding product and helps to give stronger holding of the hair style than the mousse. Let us here discuss about some important aspects with respect to hair gel.

Ways of preparing hair gel at home

One of the main ingredients of hair gel formation is the flax seed. Flax seed helps a great deal in preventing the blocking of the arteries. Two tablespoons of the flax seed are added in a cup containing water. Put the solution on flame for boiling. Let the solution cool down for around ½ hour. Lavender oil of around two drops is added to the solution after it is completely cooled down. Thereafter, the whole solution is transferred in a jar with wide mouth. The mixture is now ready to be used in the form of hair gel.

Some important tips with respect to hair gel

Before the application of hair gel on the hair, a little portion of it is taken in the palms and rubbed between the palms. Thereafter, the hair gel is applied on the hair.

In order to evenly distribute the hair gel throughout the hair, a wide toothed comb is used for combing the hair.

The hair can then be pinned or styled in any way as per the desire of the person.

While blow drying the hair, make use of the hair brush through the ends.

Make sure to continue blow drying the hair, unless they are completely dry.

In order to revitalize the hair gel, one can run wet hands throughout the hair.

Thus, there is no doubt that hair gel helps a great deal in styling the hair, and makes them look shiny throughout the event. It is very hair strong hair style holding product and helps to prevent any kind of fly always.

The entire look of the hair style is enhanced with the help of hair gel due to the shine that it delivers to the hair.