Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Contrary to the belief it is not women only who suffer from the problem of hair lossMen as well have to go through this. This can happen due to many reasons ranging from family history to poor diet.

If this happens at a young age then this problem can be very embarrassing for the majority of men. Also because if you continue losing hair then you might have to shave it all off as a solution; however not everyone is ready for this option either. Thankfully there are a few ways to solve your hair loss problems.

The most obvious solution is to shave your head off. While this is not the easiest one to do, you will look better with uniformity than patches of hair. In addition to that a lot of men look quite nice with a bald head and it even suits their personality. At times what happens is that we tend to lose hair without any reason.In this scenario as well people can try shaving all their hair off because after this their growth will be more uniform.

While there is no magic pill to cure hair loss, there are a few pharmaceutical products in development and in the market that can help you re-grow hair to a certain length. Products like Propecia, Rogaine (Monoxadil), Avacor and Proxiphen are a few of these hair loss products you can get that claim to help re-grow your hair.

In addition to the products that help solve the problem of hair loss, there are also a lot of products that help prevent the problem of hair loss altogether. The easiest way is to not use many chemical products like hair wax or gel as they damage, weaken and destroy hair. Other than that using olive oil or organic and herbal oils for your hair is very beneficial as it retains strength and helps your hair stay healthy.

Products like Proactive also claim to help in reducing hair loss. You should also try products with Vitamins E, B6 and zinc in them because they help promote the growth of healthy hair. You can solve your hair loss problem, as long as you take the right measures.


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