Hair Moisturizer

One of the most essential steps in the hair care regime is hair moisturizing. It is very important to provide the required level of nourishment and moisturizing to the hair, if one wants to have shiny and healthy hair.

Lack of moisturizing in the hair may result in dull and lackluster hair without any kind of shine. Lack of moisturizing in the hair can occur due to gradual hardening of the hair. In such a case, there is a great need of the application of moisturizer in the hair for effective results.

Let us here discuss about two very effective hair moisturizers.

Safflower Oil Hair Moisturizer

With the help of safflower oil, the quality of the hair can be improved and the moisturizer can be retained. Around two drops of safflower oil are taken on the palm and rubbed on the hair. The oil must be initially applied on the ends of the hair and then on the scalp. Now, let the oil stay on the hair to see shine in the hair. The shine will be visible on the locks for a very long time. The safflower oil helps a great deal in moisturizing the hair and makes them look shiny.

Mayonnaise Moisturizer

Mayonnaise is a great moisturizer that helps in providing great nourishment to the hair. Moisturizing the hair with mayonnaise first involves washing the hair with shampoo and the applying mayonnaise of around one tablespoon on the hair. The hair are then wrapped together in the shower cap. Let the hair remain under the shower cap for around two hours. The hair are shampooed again. After the whole procedure, one would definitely see a great improvement in the shine and quality of the hair.

Apart from the above two very successful methods of hair moisturizing, one can also make use of the hair moisturizing shampoos to add shine to the hair. So, follow any of the above said methods, along with the use of hair moisturizing shampoos, to provide the required level of shine and moisturizing to the hair.