Hair Styles To Suit Your Face

Hair is one of the most important elements of one’s beauty. Beautiful hair enhances the overall personality of a person, and thus enables the person to have a glorious look. People always tend to follow the hair style that is in trend. However, one should follow the hair style that suits the face cut and the hair type. Any kind of hair style, by just following the trend in the market does not always serve the purpose. So, utmost care should be taken in choosing the hair style. Let us discuss about the various hair styles according to the face cut of a person.

Every person has a different face cut. So, each hair style cannot be suitable for every person. The suitability entirely depends on the shape of the face. There are various face types, like circular, oval, square, triangle, heart shaped.

One with a circular face should think of trying short or medium length hair, covering the sides of your face. Having curls on both the sides will help to give a longer look to the face.

On oval faces, all kinds of hair styles look great, whether short, medium or long. Centre parting looks great on such face cut, with hair falling on the shoulders on the sides.

Curly and wavy hair style suit best the person with a square face. Side parting is recommended here, rather than centre parting.

Layered hair looks great on people with a triangular face cut. One should atleast have chin length hair, and hair angled towards the chin looks marvelous on such a hair cut. Hair should be kept away from the face, thus enhancing your features and giving you a great look.

A bob cut on those with a heart shaped face looks splendid. Short or medium length hair is advisable for people with such a face cut with hair falling on the forehead.

Thus, one should be highly careful in choosing the hair style, depending on the features and the face cut one has.