Hairstyle and Eyewear Secrets

Everyone is concerned about their hair styles every now and then. The choice of a right hair style is a cause of great concern for many people. Actually it is very easy to determine the right kind of hair style. It entirely depends on the face cut of an individual as to which hair style would suit her. The concept is similar to that of choosing a right kind of glasses.

The choice of glasses is also based on the face cut, and the choice of hair style also depends on the face cut of an individual.

Some of the hairstyle and eyewear secrets are discussed hereunder.

Round face

An individual with a round face should go for a hair style that adds height at the crown. One can go for layers and an off centre parting to make the face appear longer.

A far as glasses are concerned, one with a round face should go for rectangular glasses, thus making the face appear thinner and longer.

Square face

To soften the look of the square face, one should try to go for waves in the hair. Delicate bangs and layers really look good on such a face cut.

Rectangular glasses are a complete no for the people with square face cut. Make sure that the frames that you choose are wider than the broadest portion of your face.

Oval face

Oval face cut is considered to be the best face cut, as all kinds of hairstyle suit such a face shape. One can go for short length hair styles, medium length hair styles or long hairstyles.

People with oval face cut can wear glasses of either square, round or rectangular shapes.

Diamond face

In case of a diamond face cut, the features are balanced, and therefore an individual can try many kinds of hair styles. However, make sure that that you are able to create weight in the nape area, if you choose a shorter hair style, so as to create a balance between your chin and high cheekbones.

Rimless eye glass frames or the ones that are decorated at the top are considered the best in such a face cut.