Hairstyles And Hair Care For Short Hair

Since time long hair have been considered as the most prominent feature of physical appearance when describing feminine beauty but after the emergence of short hair cuts it has acquired a whole new meaning.

Long tresses and beauty got a whole new dimension in 1920 when “Bob Culture” rather Bob civilization emerged.  As Designer Donna Karen states,” short hair epitomizes the 90’s. It’s like a great dress – you just step into it and go”. Women then accepted it with whole-heartedly and since then short haircuts are considered as cosmopolitan and chick.

Short hair is easy to maintain as they can be washed and conditioned daily, require less maintenance, can be cut fast. In today’s times they go well with working women’s schedules, as they require less efforts to look trendy.

Short hair is not for everyone, as it requires the right attitude to carry it well. Short hairstyles work in extremes, for some short hair might make their appearance horrendous, while for others they may spell elegance and style. It all depends on your face shape and hair texture.

Short hair looks best on the people with oval face and totally avoidable for the people with round shaped face.  They can be styled very easily in different ways. The straight out of bed look, messy hairstyle is in vogue these days, with bangs, curl outs and layered hair. One advantage with short haircuts is that extensions can be added whenever you wish to have long tresses.

Be it long or short hair, it requires care and attention with some do’s and don’ts. Oil them twice a week, shampoo and condition, trim them from time to time and cleanse for dandruff treatment. Have a healthy and balanced diet. Don’t make use of hard shampoos, gel and Mousse.

Much use of hair pressing machines, hair colors & bleaching can be bad for your hair. A few Hollywood celebrities with short haircuts are Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, and Halle Berry.

So if you are tired of your old long hair then get ready to chop your hair into a short hairstyle with bangs or fringes, choppy messy hair, blunts or wedges. People who think short hair is a faux pau then you should ignore them completely.


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