Hairstyles Suited for a Long Face

To decide on your hairstyle, you first need to know the shape of your face. The best way to know the shape of your face is to outline it in a mirror. The outline of your face should tell you if you have a long face. You have a long face if your face forms an oval on the mirror that is more longer than it is wide.

When choosing a hairstyle that is suited for your face, you should make sure that you visit a good stylist who recognises not only the shape of your face, but also the type of hair you have. Most good stylists suggest and customize haircuts to suit a face. A good haircut can do wonders for your look and attitude as well.

For a long face, the most common style that suits is shoulder length hair. Wearing your hair a little longer than shoulder length along with a few layers works best for oblong faces. Slight curls at the bottom also look good. A layer cut that starts right below your chin frames your face and gives it a good look.

The most important thing to remember is that for your face style, since it is longer than it is wide, you need to add more volume on the sides to make your face appear more balanced. A blunt cut is a good idea for long faces. A cut that ends right below the ears looks good.

Most people with long faces tend to have broad foreheads as well. A good way to disguise the length of your face as well as your forehead is by getting a fringe worked into your haircut. A fringe looks good when maintained well and cut well. The fringe should not be light and feathery, but instead give good coverage to your forehead. A side swept fringe looks best.

Most haircuts look good with long faces, but some styles need to be avoided if you want your face to look proportional. Poker straight hair just adds length to your face and should definitely be avoided. Make sure you don’t keep your hair too short or too long. Lastly, a bad haircut can make you look older, so make sure you feel good with the haircut you get.


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