Herbal Secrets To Beautiful Hair

We all love to have long, shiny, soft and lustrous hair. However, one should keep in mind that if you are healthy, only then your hair would remain healthy. Thus, this article would now point out few herbal secrets to have beautiful hair.

Firstly for conditioning hair, Mehendi (henna) is the best and the most famous method. Make a paste of henna mixed with 2 spoons of curd, an egg and 4 spoons of lemon juice and apply it on the hair for at least fifty five minutes. Rinse it well using a good shampoo.

Secondly, mix an equal amount of amla and ritha and make a paste out of it, soak that into a bowl of warm water and make sure it is soaked properly. Leave it on for atleast three hours and apply it on your hair instead of using a shampoo. This will help in increasing the growth of the hair and make sure it get rid of all the dandruff you have on the hair.

Thirdly, take few spoons of lemon juice and just apply it on the hair for at least thirty minutes. Rinse it well with shampoo and apply a conditioner too. This will result in a clean scalp and help you get rid of dandruff too.

Take five spoons of coconut oil and mix few dried pieces of amla. Boil it well and massage this oil on your hair properly. Make sure the oil reaches every part of your scalp. This will help in making your hair thick and look shimmering.

Amla is usually known as a hair tonic as well as a hair nourisher. It leads in promoting hair pigmentation and prevents the hair from becoming grey.

Thus, if you would use such remedies at home rather than going to the parlor and applying other products composed of chemicals on your hair.