How Hair and Eye Color Make a Difference in Attractiveness

There is no doubt that beauty of an individual is perceived by the beauty of the hair and the beauty of the face. The color of the hair, along with the color of the eye, also plays a great role in determining the attractiveness of an individual.

The eye color and the hair color of one person differ from that of another. It is not necessary that the color combination of the eye and the hair that one person has would be common among other people. For example, natural blonde hair color, along with green eyes, is a very common combination in Russia and Northern Europe.

So, a person with such a combination of the hair color and the eye color can very well blend among people in these regions. However, when that particular person visits some other country, like North America or South America, where such a combination is very uncommon, he becomes the centre of attraction.

People often come close to the person to touch the blonde hair as they believe that it is good luck for them to touch blonde hair. They try to come close by saying that how beautiful hair one has.

People in UK are very much attracted towards dark hair colored and dark eye colored people. They find such a color combination very attractive, as it is very uncommon in their country. It is very true that the thing that is uncommon for an individual would definitely attract him.

All the people have their different opinions about the color combination. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a very well known fact and is actually true in this context. It entirely depends upon an individual how he perceives things, and what seems to be attractive to him. Every person has different perception and the way to see things in life.


  • M.D.

    This is so true and often overlooked by Americans when they write or debate about the subject of eye color. They seem to assume that people will universally find blue and green eyes uncommon and brown eyes bland and common. This may be true in the U.S. or most of the world but here in Denmark where I live, the reverse is true and my brown-black eyes are easily the least common eye color here yet I could easily blend in with my raven hair and black-brown eyes in most places in the world. I only remember another person’s eye color if their eyes are something other than blue, green or grey.