How Often Should You Color Your Hair

Is it good to go for hair coloring all the time? How often is hair coloring required? Whether hair coloring should be done at home or at a salon? All these questions are of great concern and should be thought upon very well.

Hair coloring is of many types. A discussion on each one of them is hereunder.

Temporary hair coloring

In case of temporary hair coloring, stains are left on the scalp, and there is no need of hydrogen peroxide to have an impact. However, temporary hair colors contain some alkaline agents, which assemble on the hair as a result of repeated treatments. The hair structure does not change in such a type of hair coloring. In order to avoid a build up of non reflective color, it is recommended to wait for at least four to six weeks, before re applying the color on the hair.

Semi permanent hair coloring

Going for semi permanent hair coloring is a much more committed way to go for coloring of hair. Hydrogen peroxide is needed for such a treatment. The hair color of such type is not very strong, and therefore does not decolorize the natural pigment. However, frequent applications of semi permanent hair color can decolorize the natural hair.

Permanent hair coloring

Permanent hair coloring should be done in a very careful manner, if you want the best results, else the hair can get damaged. This treatment also needs hydrogen peroxide. It is the amount of ammonia that differentiates between semi permanent and permanent hair color. The treatment of lightening the hair or covering the white hair requires extensive care.

Regrowth is there in permanent hair coloring as the natural hair color is affected in this case. The time at which regrowth would take place depends on the level of hair color. Hair regrowth occurs within four to eight weeks if the hair color is lighter or darker than the natural hair care upto two levels. Hair regrowth can be seen within two weeks, if the shade is three or more shades darker or lighter than the natural color.