How To Apply Eye Makeup For Women Over 50

Eye make up constitutes a very important part of the facial beauty of a woman. The eye make up should be done in a very skillful way, as it reflects the youthfulness of an individual. For women over fifty years of age, eye make up is a very skillful task. Dark eye shadow and thick eye liner, which once used to look very attractive in young age, does not work at all in this old age.

After reaching in the fifties, women should go for light and subtle eye make up. Dark eye make up may make them look older and would give a sunken appearance of the eyes.

The ways to apply eye make up for over 50 are listed below:

Almost all women over 50 years of age have thin eye brows. In such a case, the eye brows should be filled with an eye brow pencil, which has a shade darker than the eye brows’ color. The youthfulness of the face is depicted by the eye brows. Therefore, it is important that the eye brows are made to stand out a little.

Concealer should be used on the dark circles and blended nicely to get rid of the darkness under the eyes. The darkness is important to be hidden with the help of the concealer as dark circles give an older look.

Apply a light colored eye shadow, such as light brown or champagne color, with the help of a cotton swab, till the eye lid crease.

On the area above the eye lid crease and just below the eye brow, apply a white colored eye shadow.

Now apply a very thin liquid eye liner above the upper eye lashes.

Give a finishing touch up by applying mascara on the aye lashes.

So, women above 50 should go for a light eye make up as described above to look young and beautiful, thus hiding their actual age.


  • Even if you don’t wear eyeshadow, Don’t forget the mascara!

    As image consultants specializing in women over 40 we find that women come to us complaining they look old. It’s often because their eyes have no definition. All you see is their lids and their eyes look “bald” because their lashes have lightened up so much.

    Apply a couple of good coats of mascara and use a curling wand, and you”ll be amazed at the difference it makes. You’ll go from Frumpy to Fabulous!

    Deborah and Jo Jami
    The Glam Gals