How To Deal with Thinning Hair?

Mostly thinning of hair is hereditary, meaning that you have inherited it from your parents and will go through it. However that is not to say that there aren’t any ways of preventing or dealing with it. In addition to the hereditary aspect, sudden loss or thinning of hair can also mean an imbalance in hormones or some other infection in the scalp.

The immediate response of most people is to see a doctor, and you should if the condition is really bad. But before that you may want to consider a few other ways through which you may be able to easily deal with this problem.

Biotin and Vitamin E help with the growth of strong and healthy hair; hence you should consume these in your diet or as supplements.You need to keep your scalp hydrated fully and full of nutrition so drink a lot of water always and eat an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. This will also prevent the buildup of toxins in the scalp.

Your bath products play a very big role regarding the condition of your hair. You must change your shampoo to an organic one because the chemicals in other shampoos weaken and damage your hair. Use olive oil to massage your scalp because it keeps the scalp hydrated, moisturized and the hair follicles unclogged.

Saw palmetto is a very common and effective treating for preventing thinning hair. Either pills or essential oil using this will increase your hair growth. Regularly massaging your scalp will increase the blood circulation and your hair follicles will never have to suffer oxygen deprivation.

You need to understand that hair, essentially, is made up of protein so increase the protein content in your diet. This will help your hair stay healthy and strong and it will easily rebuild itself. For men, at times when testosterone reaches the hair follicles it gets converted to DHT and causes hair fall. Similarly in women, hormonal imbalances also cause hair loss. In this case it is best to consult your doctor for a dietary plan to block DHT. Try to keep the doctor option for last and try these remedies first because they will work.


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