How To Decorate Hair Clips

There are various ways of dressing up your hair. The hair can be dressed with the help of hair accessories like hair clips, hair barrettes, hair bands, hair coloring etc. Using hair clips on the hair is a very beautiful means of decorating the hair. It is absolutely true that in young age, the mothers usually dress up their daughters’ hair with beautiful flowery hair clips. These flowery hair clips are available in variety of colors to match every dress that a kid wears.

There are a variety of hair clips available in the market. One can either choose from hair pins or metal hair clips. One thing to be noted is that the lager the clip, the more options will be there to decorate it. Various ways of decorating the hair clips are listed hereunder.

The hair clips can be decorated with a ribbon. Apply glue on the clip and place the ribbon in a gentle manner on the clip.

Now decide how you want to arrange the silk flowers on the clip. In order to give the impression as of real flowers have been placed in the hair, take the silk flowers large enough so that they cover the entire clip. Put the glue on the clip on the areas you wish the flowers to be placed, and place them there by pressing.

The ribbons and flowers can be obtained of any color that best matches the attire. The silk flowers can be obtained from the garage or the yard sales, as buying them from there will be much cheaper than buying the silk flowers from the craft store.

After you have finished decorating the clip with ribbons and flowers, let the clip dry over night. Make sure that the clip is adequately dried; else there will be mess in the hair.

One should be very careful in case of using hot glue gun. Such glue is very hot, thus burning you in case of any carelessness.