How To Do Twist Hairstyles

Hair style is a very important feature of the beauty of an individual. There are many different kinds of hair styles these days that help in enhancing the overall look and personality of an individual. One of the graceful and elegant hair styles is the twist hair style. A twist hair style can be made in various ways, and is considered to be the best for any formal event. A twist hair style does not require lot of maintenance and lasts for a long time.

In case of short hair, an individual can make use of hair extensions to make twist hair style. One can choose any of the twist hair styles such as French twist, Afro American twist etc. The choice of the kind of twist hair style is highly dependant upon the face type and the type of occasion you plan to wear it on. Let us here discuss about how to do twist hair style.

In order to make a twist, an individual needs to start with hair that are freshly washed and does not have product build up. The hair should then be towel dried, so that all the excess water is removed from the hair.

The hair are then parted with the help of a comb. One may use any hair styling product (mousse or gel), so as to hold the hair style.

A long vertical parting is created in the hair. The first twist section is then made by creating a horizontal parting. Small section is held and split in two parts. Smaller the sections of the hair, the greater would be the number of twists. This would help in achieving a fuller hair style.

The hair are then started to twist in a tight manner, where two parts are wrapped around one another in a repeated manner. The comb is then moved and other horizontal portion of the hair is twisted in the same way. Move to head’s top in the same manner. While moving forward to finish the twist hair style, decide whether hair parting is required or not. In case, one wishes to have side parting, create it with the help of comb before reaching the head’s top. Thereafter, start parting all the twists one by one in the same direction of parting.

The twists can be unraveled in order to attain a fuller appearance. The ends are secured unless they are completely dry. They are then unraveled. A spiral appearance of the natural wavy and straight hair is attained as a result.