How to Get Fabulous Volume and Texture

Some people have very thin and dull hair. It is their great desire to have more volume in the hair with improved texture. Let us here discuss about some of the ways to get fabulous volume and texture in the hair.

First of all it is very important to ensure to start working with tiny sections of the hair, rather than taking all the hair together.

Divide the entire hair into various sections with the help of wide teethed comb. Each section of the hair is secured with the help of hair clips.

While blow drying the hair, make use of thickening product, which is heat activated. Hair volumizing product is applied on the hair thereafter to finish the hair style.

Volume in the hair can be created by applying rollers in the hair sections of equal size.

It is recommended to go for a short hair cut, as short hair are easy to manage in case of volume in the hair than the long hair.

The texture of the hair can be improved by conditioning the hair with the help of light hair conditioners. The use of these conditioners also helps in moisturizing the hair.

The hair can be styled in such a way that the roots are boosted up. The hair is misted with a hair spray before blow drying the hair. The wet hair are then held in an upward direction and the blow dryer is run on the hair roots, unless they are completely dry. The hair are then dropped downwards, thus achieving volume in the hair.

The hair volume can also be increased by holding the damp hair with the help of bobby pins on the head’s top, unless they are dry. Thereafter, the bobby pins are taken out and the hair are allowed to fall down. One would be able to see natural volume in the hair as a result.

The volume in the hair can also be increased by wearing the hair in the form of an updo all the day long and making the hair fall at night.

Instant volume in the hair can be created by misting the hair with a hair volumizing spray, especially on the hair roots, and running a blow dryer thereafter. This method should be used only in emergency and should not be made a regular trend.