How To Keep Hair Healthy and Manageable During Winter Months

Winter approaches, and it becomes difficult to manage the hair. Due to extreme cold weather, people make use of blow dryer to dry up the hair after a wash. Natural drying of hair is always considered as the best way to dry the hair. However, due to the risk of getting cough and cold due to wet hair, people don’t wish to wait for so long to let the hair dry. Therefore, they choose hair dryers as the easiest method of drying up the hair. However, indoor heating and excessive use of blow dryer can reduce the moisture level of the hair. Also, winter hats can result in flat and static filled hair. These problems can be really worrisome. It is very important to know how to cope with these bad hair days.

It is recommended to get the hair cut or trimmed around mid autumn, so as to get rid of any unwanted damaged hair due to excessive sun heat during summers. To restore back the lost moisture, the hair should be conditioned in a proper manner throughout the whole season.

One should replace the shampoo with the one having appropriate moisture level, so as to combat any kind of seasonal dryness.

It is advised to use a heat protecting spray on your hair, before you use the blow dryer to dry up your hair. make sure that you dry the hair on a low heat setting to avoid any damage to the hair.

The hair gets flattened by the use of hats and scarves. Therefore, it becomes necessary to add volume to the hair. Volume can be added to the hair by styling it with mousse.

One can fight with static hair by going in for leave in conditioner.

One should endure to give a good oil massage to the scalp to let the blood circulation moving. It will help to relax you and help in promoting hair growth.