How to Make Chamomile Hair Rinse

Dressing the hair with hair colors has become a very common trend these days. People are really fond of hair coloring these days. There are many salons who deal in the hair coloring activity these days. However, the hair coloring procedure carried out at the salons is very costly. People having light brown or blonde shade of the hair can color their hair at home with the help of naturally available products. Lighter hair strands would pop as a result of coloring the hair at home with the help of natural hair products. By just spending very less amount of money, an individual would be able to get sun kissed and beautiful highlights in a very less amount of time.

Ways of making chamomile hair rinse

Four to five bags of chamomile tea are taken and allowed to boil in water for some time. It is then poured in the large bowl for letting it cool down completely.

The hair are shampooed and conditioned as usual.

The hair are then rinsed with tepid water. Make sure that the water is not too hot, as excessively hot water may cause damage to the hair. In case of any residue of hair styling products in the hair, rinse the hair with a mix of water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio, before using the chamomile tea rinse.

The excess water is squeezed out from the hair.

The chamomile tea is then applied on the hair. Make sure that the hair are completely saturated with the chamomile tea mix. The mix is allowed to soak in the hair thoroughly.

The saturated hair are then wrapped in the towel and allowed to stay for around five to ten minutes.

Thereafter, the towel is removed.

The hair are now allowed to dry in a natural way. If one sits in the sun for drying the hair, the results that achieved are much better.

The natural golden and blonde highlights are brought out as a result. The hair of an individual really looks great with the help of the above described process of coloring the hair. So, instead of going to the salons for expensive hair coloring procedures, try the above method to color the hair in a very good and inexpensive way.