How To Make Dry And Rough Hair Look Smooth And Beautiful

Most people who have dry, coarse or rough hair want to change the texture of the hair. Dry hair is a common problem and a lot of us struggle with it.

If you too are struggling with dry hair, read on and find out some excellent tips which would help your hair to remain soft and shiny.

1. Apply a product on the hair and scalp which contains glycerine and leave it on for as long as possible. Use a mild shampoo to rinse hair before styling.

2. Before retiring for the day, apply some natural hair products which would help retain the moisture in the hair.

3. Smooth some water over the hair 3 – 4 times a day and brush the hair using a wet brush.

4. While showering, smooth some water on the hair. Before drying the hair, massage a light, deep penetrating oil before styling it. This oil would help to hold the moisture of the water in the hair.

5. After shampooing, apply a cream based conditioner. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for the night.

Remember that dry hair also causes the hair to break easily. To avoid this:

1. Treat hair with care and delicately. Do not dry the hair roughly.

2. Do not sleep on cotton surfaces. Instead use only silk or satin fabrics.

3. Make sure the hair does not touch or rub against the upholstery of the couch or chair as this could be damaging.

4. High collars and turtle necks would cause the hair to rub against the fabric.

5. Mineral oil and beeswax based products would cause hair to break.

6. Do not wear tight rubber bands, head bands or other hair accessories.

7. Make sure you use a mild formulated dye. It is best to get it done professionally though.

8. Use heated appliances to the minimum. If you do use them, condition them heavily and apply a heat resistant spray before applying any heat.