How To Make It Through The Day Wearing Shoes That Hurt Your Feet

It is very well known that some shoes give a lot of pain when we wear them. It is very difficult to go a few steps forward without any pain. But, still women want to suffer. Women feel that the pain is nothing in front of the nice looking shoes. They are only concerned about their beauty and don’t bother even if they have to bear some pain or ache for the sake of it.

They don’t think of discarding the painful shoes because of many reasons, viz the shoes may be very cute, they may be looking very sexy, or they may be the only ones to match with a particular attire. It is very important that whatever we wear is comfortable and can be carried all the day long in a very nice manner.

Therefore, if women don’t want to discard the pain giving shoes, there are some ways by which you can wear those shoes throughout the day without hurting your feet.

First of all make sure that you don’t put much pressure on your feet, and take the opportunity to sit wherever you get a chance. Don’t walk long distances with your shoes. Try to put a limit on your walking.

It is very important to ensure that you don’t take off your shoes, thinking that it may give you some comfort. There is no doubt that an individual gets instantaneous relief for sometime after taking off the shoes. However, when trying to wear them again, the shoes don’t seem to fit in well, and would cause more pain. So, don’t take the shoes off to be free from the above said disaster.

One may also apply a band aid on the area of the feet which is being rubbed the most with the shoes. This would help in the absorption of some friction, thus giving some relief to your skin.

The pain can be reduced by standing in front of the mirror and seeing how fabulous the shoes look on you, thus enhancing the overall beauty.

Follow the above said measures, thus making the pain bearable and letting you carry with the hurting shoes throughout the day in a great manner.