How to Make Mineral Foundation Darker

Getting a perfect look of the complexion is the desire of every woman. One of the essential make up items that helps in beautifying the complexion of a woman is foundation. Foundation gives a very good base for the make up to be applied on the skin. Among various kinds of foundations available in the market, mineral foundation is a wonderful one. Mineral foundation is available in three different forms, viz loose powder, liquid foundation and pressed powder.

Mineral foundation is a natural cosmetic and is extremely versatile in nature. It is very important for a woman to choose the right shade of mineral foundation, so that a perfect look of the skin is attained. It may sometimes happen that the mineral foundation that you choose is very light according to the natural pigment of your skin. If that is the case, then an individual can darken the shade with the help of mineral bronzer.

Ways of making Mineral Foundation Darker

The things that are required are loose powder mineral foundation or liquid mineral foundation, mineral loose powder bronzer, application brush and cosmetic sponge.

Pour some amount of loose mineral powder foundation in the container lid of the foundation. In case you choose liquid mineral foundation, dispense it onto cosmetic sponge.

A very little amount of loose mineral powder bronzer is taken in the container lid or sponge of loose mineral foundation.

The application brush is now used to blend both the things together by way of swirling it inside the container lid having both the bronzer and the foundation.

Excess of loose powder is removed by tapping the brush on the lid’s corner. This would help in eliminating any chances of over application of the foundation.

The combined mix of foundation and bronzer is then applied on the face with the help of application brush, moved in circular motion. Ensure to cover the forehead, cheeks, temples and jaw bones thoroughly. Also, apply some on the neck to get an even appearance of the skin.

By following the above method of application of foundation and bronzer, an individual would be able to darken the mineral foundation and get a fabulous look.