How To Properly Wrap and Tie A Scarf

Scarf is one of the great accessories of a woman, which enhances not only the beauty of the dress, but also the personality of an individual. The scarves are available in various lengths and in a variety of colors. Earlier scarves were meant to put on the head, neck or the on the shoulders. But, now-a-days, one can locate scarves in the silk, linen or organza. The scarves are available in various kinds of cloth material. The cotton scarves, when wore in a right and beautiful manner, really look very elegant.

When the scarf is used to tie the pony tail or is tied around the head, the beauty of the attire is augmented, thus adding flavor and color to the hair. Also, some people try to cover their bad hair by tying a scarf folded in the triangle shape, starting from the top of the head and taking the same to the neck’s nape. Such a style can also help to prevent the hair from flying away if one is on a bike or on an outdoor activity.

One can tie a scarf in numerous ways at the neck. If the scarf is long, it is just draped around the neck and the ends are left loose. Some outfits very well carry a bow shaped scarf. A necklace look can be given with the scarf by rolling the square shaped or rectangle shaped scarves, and tying the knot at the centre. This knot is kept at the front of the neck. A smaller knot can be made with the scarf at the back of the neck.

There is no need to tie the scarf, if in case one is wearing it with a jacket and a blouse. Just drape the scarf over the shoulders in such a way that it appears when a jacket is worn above the blouse. It looks very graceful when the scarf is worn in such a way, as it creates a very nice border on the jacket’s neckline.