How to Relax Curly Hair Naturally

Curls give a very dashing look. However, the number of styling options in case of curls is very limited. Also, curls give a very monotonous look after some time.

Let us here discuss some of the ways of shaping the curls and relaxing the curly hair in a natural manner.

In order to clean the hair properly and get rid of all the residue in the hair, one must go for deep conditioning of the hair as a part of hair care regime.

One should also go for a hot oil massage once a week to replenish the moisture in the hair. The hair should be washed with luke warm water after letting the oil stay on the hair for around two hours.

After the hair are properly washed, the hair is divided into four sections and all the tangles from the hair are removed properly. Run the blow dryer over the hair to dry the hair.

While styling the curly hair, make sure that the hair styling products and the hair care products that you are using are appropriate for curly texture of the hair.

In order to relax the curls, one can make use of the blow drying method or hair styling techniques and tricks.

Blow drying method of relaxing the curls

The hair are divided into various sections. The blow drying process is carried out by starting at the hair roots and then proceeding downwards. The blow dryer is run on all the sections of the hair in the same manner. A blow dryer with various comb attachments can be used. Make sure not to choose the comb with super straightener, as the goal is to relax the curls and not straighten the hair.

Hair Styling techniques and tricks of relaxing the curls

The curly hair can be relaxed by applying natural oils on the hair after shampooing and conditioning the hair.

One can choose classy braids to hide the hair frizz. Make sure that the braids are tied loose. The braids are made in wet hair and the tight braids may damage the hair and may keep the curls tight.

The braids are untied after the hair gets dry. A change in the hair texture would be noticed. One would be able to see a relaxation in the tightness of the curls.