How to Remove Temporary Hair Color

There are many kinds of ways to play with the hair. One of the most impressive hair dressing tools these days is the coloring of the hair. If one is not sure as to which hair color would suit her, she should try for temporary hair colors, instead of permanent hair colors. Temporary hair colors last for a short time, and are very good for experimenting on hair, as temporary hair color can be removed as per the wish of an individual. However, in case of permanent hair coloring, the hair color cannot be removed so easily, and may also affect the quality of the hair.

Let us here discuss the ways to remove temporary hair color.

In most of the cases, the temporary hair color lasts for around six to ten weeks only. In order to wash off the temporary color soon from the hair, apply a strong shampoo meant for getting rid of chlorine in the hair due to swimming or for removing dandruff from the hair. Repeat the process several times, unless the entire color is removed from the hair. Now apply a leave in conditioner on the hair.

Swimming in a pool for many hours can help to remove color from the hair. Also, staying in a hot tub of water is very good for the fading of color. Now wash the hair with a shampoo and apply the conditioner.

A mixture of vinegar and lemon juice is very effective in getting rid of the color from the hair. Apply the mixture on the hair and let it dry by sitting in the sun. The hair is washed thoroughly after it is completely dry. Repeat the process twice or thrice in a day, unless you receive the original color of the hair.

In case the above methods fail, the individual should go to the hair dresser to dye your hair back to the original color of the hair.