How To Start Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are not only the styles for grown up girls, but are also gaining prominence among the kids. There is no doubt that starting with dreadlocks can be a bit scary. However, after gaining expertise in creating them, there is nothing more that can look better than that. There are actually numerous options for dreadlocks. Dreadlocks vary from real dreads, synthetic dreads, dread extensions, and waxy dreads to natural dreads.

While choosing dreads, it is important to have a look at all the breeds and then decide as to which one would be the best for you.

Gorgeous dreadlocks can be created in any kind of hair type. However, the best dreadlocks are created in curly hair. A lot of patience and effort is required to create dreadlocks in case of fine and straight hair. People with straight hair should go to the salon and get the dread perms made in the hair.

Getting the perms made in the hair makes the process of creating dreadlocks simpler. However, perming can cause breakage of hair follicle. This loses the strength of the hair to be able to bear up with the rigors of dreadlocks. It is advised that people with very thin hair should not go for hair perming.

One can also think of the option on not combing the hair to an extent that the tangles develop in the hair. It is actually not the right method, and the dreadlocks that are created with such a method are not that beautiful.

Back combing can also be done to start with dreadlocks. The formation, size and location of each and every dreadlock can be controlled, thus resulting in smoother and good looking dreads. The hair also don not break much in this process. A dread comb or a small metal comb can be used to back comb the hair.

It is important to clean the hair properly before starting the process.  Untidy hair does not give beautiful dreadlocks, and even slows down the process of creating dreadlocks. Divide the hair into various sections and secure each section loosely with a rubber band.

Start with the back combing process toward the scalp with each hair section. The hair are rolled on to the fingers slightly while running the comb in the hair. While reaching to the end of the section, hold the dread with a rubber band and carry on towards the next dread.