How to Tame Damaged Hair Without Cutting It

Many people think that the solution to damages hair is to have a hair cut. Hair frizz and split ends are great hair problems and really require a solution. Going for a hair cut is not the only solution.

Some people may not be ready to accept the fact of a hair cut. The ways to tame damaged hair without cutting it are discussed below.

A lot of care and attention needs to be given to the hair to make the hair look beautiful and shiny. The hair should be washed and styled in a proper manner to tame the damaged hair.

The hair should be washed with cold or luke warm water. Washing the hair would cause more damage to the hair.

Hair with split ends and frizziness are very dry and dehydrated. Use the shampoo and conditioner that have moisturizing agents. The use of such products would help in improving the appearance of the hair, thus smoothening the cuticles.

The use of elastic rubber bands should be kept at the minimum level to prevent hair breakage.

Avoid the use of hair styling equipments, such as curling irons, straightening rods etc, as the heat generated from these equipments cause damage and frizz to the hair.

Avoid brushing the hair when wet to prevent excessive hair loss.

Make use of sun protecting products on the hair, to prevent any further damage to the hair by the sun.

One can go for braids or messy buns in the hair to conceal damaged hair.

It is advised to let the hair dry in a natural way, as the use of blow dryers to dry the hair will cause fly aways, thus causing more damage to the hair.

Also, change your pillow cover from the regular cotton one to the silky pillow cover. The hair slide easily on silky pillow cover, thus resulting in fewer tangles and less damage to the hair.