How to Touch Up Roots at Home

Coloring the hair is a very good way to dress up the hair these days. The look of the hair is enhanced in a great way with the help of hair coloring. After getting the hair colored, there is a requirement of giving a touch up to the roots of the hair time and again.

People often go to the hair stylist to get regular touch ups of the roots. This involves wastage of lot of time and money. What if, one can touch up the roots at home? Going for touch up of the roots at home on your own will save a lot of time and money.

There are many kind of hair styling products that are available these days that help an individual to update the look of their hair. The only thing that is required is to follow the instructions carefully and proceed with the touching up of the roots in a proper manner.

It is very important to go for regular touch up of the hair roots so that the hair color can be maintained. This would also help in protecting the hair from over drying, split ends and other kind of hair damage.

Take a small amount of dye and perform the allergy test on your skin first before applying it on the hair. In case of any irritation on the skin, remove the hair dye; else proceed with the hair dying process.

Take a towel and place it around the neck. Wear gloves in the hands.

Remove all the tangles from your hair carefully. The hair is then divided into four sections and each one of them is fixed with the help of a clip.

After reading the instructions on the hair dye kit carefully, hair dye is mixed.

Take one section of the hair and remove the clip. The solution is then applied to roots of this section of hair. Proceed with the application of the hair dye solution from the roots till the area where the coloring is required. Re-clip the hair section after the process is complete. The same procedure is carried out with all the other sections of the hair.

The brush is then used through the entire hair to give a natural effect of the color. After the stipulated time on the kit, wash the hair dye from the hair with lukewarm water.

The touching up process is complete and the natural look of the hair is obtained.