How To Turn Straight Hair Into Curly Hair

Some women are born with absolutely straight hair. They have the utmost desire of turning their hair into wavy or curly styles. Women with very fine and thin hair are often annoyed with the fact that whenever they make a curly hair style, the curls don’t stay on the hair and come out very early. However, by following the following advice on how to turn straight hair into curly hair, one can easily retain the curls on the hair for one or two days.

Wash the hair with a good shampoo and conditioner, the day before you wish to have a curly hair style. Run the comb thoroughly through the hair to remove all the tangles and the knots from the hair. Thereafter, divide the hair into four sections.

Various tiny braids are made of each part of the hair for a crimped look and all the braids are tied together with the help of a pony tail holder. Let the hair be tied into braids throughout the night to get a greater crimping effect. Take out the ponytail holders in the morning and do a little massage of the scalp.

Make sure not to brush the hair, as this will make the hair frizzy. One can either let the crimped hair or open or take the hair from the front and hold them at the back with the help of a barrette or a clip. This method of styling the hair really gives a great curly and crimped look to the hair.

A trendy and graceful curly hair style can also be obtained by twisting the four sections of the hair and forming a bun of each section, thereby securing each bun with a non slip ponytail holder. Let the buns stay overnight, though it is difficult to sleep with buns at night.

In the morning, take out the pony tail holders and open the buns to get a very gorgeous curly look of the hair. Mist the curly hair style with a hair spray to let the curls stay for a few days on the hair.


  • shakeel

    Dear Sir with great wishes

    How are you.It is stated that my age is 40 and my hairs are curly and dry and I would like to have straight and silky hairs and it not for the time being but for long time.
    Kindly let me know do you have any product through which I get rid from curly hairs and have silky and state hairs.
    God bless on you always
    sincerely yours
    shakeel hussain