Important Tips For Preventing Hair Loss

It is very important to take care of hair at an early age. To prevent hair loss, early care is recommended. Hair loss is experienced by almost everyone – but in different quantities.

Severe hair loss can be due to genetics, hereditary, diet, exercise regime and diseases. Read on to know more about how you can delay or prevent hair loss.

Nutrients for hair:
The number one reason for hair loss is that the proper and right amount of nutrition is not reached. It is important to take a regular intake of protein, zinc, calcium among other nutrition for healthy hair. A balanced diet along with a B – complex capsule would make sure that all necessary nutrients reach the hair.

Cleanliness: Make sure the hair is always clean. Wash hair with a shampoo and condition it regularly. By regularly is meant at least twice a week. Unnecessary dirt and oils can be swept off the hair by following a regular washing routine. Clean hair would also allow proper nutrition to reach hair and scalp. Use a soft or medicated shampoo if you have sensitive scalp.

Styling hair:
Too much of blow drying, straightening, curling or other styling would weaken the cuticles of the hair. If using such appliances, use the lowest heat level. Try to towel dry hair and not use a dryer. This would not only prevent hair loss but would also put less pressure on hair.

Products: Most hair products contain chemicals that could be harmful to the hair and scalp. Thus avoid using such chemically formulated products. Using an over – dose of cosmetic products would lead to long term hair loss. It would also result in less healthier looking hair.

Hair loss treatments: Various hair loss treatments are today available in the market. If hair loss is due to the ageing process, consider it natural and normal. However if hair loss if due to other factors – it is a good idea to check out the various treatments for hair loss.