Knowing the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Type

Women are very fond of hair coloring these days. Hair coloring helps a great deal in dressing up the hair. The style of the hair gets changed with the help of adding new color to the hair. There are various hair color shades available these days to enhance the look of the hair. The commonly available hair color shades include red, brown, burgundy, brunette and black.

It is very important for a woman to be very careful while choosing the color for her hair. The hair color that she chooses should go well along with her skin tone and natural color of the hair. Let us here discuss about the ways to know the right hair color for your skin type.

Hair colors are divided into two different categories, viz warm shades and cool shades. Cool colors of hair include coffee brown, blue black, ash brown, golden blonde, golden brown, and white. Warm hair colors include red, blonde, strawberry, and golden or red highlights.

Skin tones are also divided into two categories. Some women have dark brown, pale, olive, or pink undertones. This implies that they have cool skin tone. On the other hand some women have brown skin tone with gold or pink undertone, pale skin tone with gold or peach undertone, or ruddy skin. These skin tones imply warm tone of the skin.

Women can choose the hair color taking into account their skin tone. Hair colors such as ash brown, cool blonde, and raven black suit very well on women with cool tone of the skin. Women willing to go for a dramatic change can also opt for red or burgundy hair color shade. Chocolate, auburn, golden brown, red and golden blonde hair colors go very well on women with warm tone of the skin.

Thus, it is very important for a woman to make sure that the hair color they choose complements their skin tone. Choice of wrong hair color can ruin the looks and the style of a woman. So, determine your skin tone and choose the hair color according to that. The style and the personality of a woman would be augmented in a great way as a result.