Maintaining Extensions/Weave To Last Several Months

Hair extension and hair weave are considered to be very good ways to enhance the hair style these days. The process of hair extension and hair weaving is cumbersome and may require a lot of time. Therefore, many people have the desire to maintain the hair extensions or the hair weaves to last for several months.

In order to make the hair weave or hair extension last for several months, one must sew the weave or the extension. Bonded weave never stays for a long time. Sewed weave or extension is considered to be the best way of maintaining the style to last for a long time.

First of all it is important to buy a weave of good quality. A yaky weft is considered to be the best. Silky wefts can get greasy and may shed early. One can play a lot with yaky wefts and can style them in numerous ways.

After sewing in the weave or the hair extension, a head scarf is bought and the hair are tied with the scarf at night. Make sure to remove all the tangles from the weave before going to bed. Tie the weave in the form of a braid and secure it at the end with a pony tail holder.

After washing the weave or the hair extension, do not make the mistake of letting the weave or the extension air dry. If one lets the weave to air dry, the water that would soak from the weave would loosen the weave. The weave should be patted to take out the excess water and then a handheld dryer should be used to dry the weave. This would help in retightening the weave or the extension.

One should be careful while combing the hair weave or hair extension. The base of the weave or the extension should be held near the head and then the combing process should be carried out. Make sure to prevent pulling from scalp, else the track may get loosened.

All these techniques would help in making the hair weave or the hair extension to last for more than two months.