Making Curly Hair Straight, and Straight Hair Curly

The hair type of one woman differs from that of the other. Some women have curly texture of the hair and some have straight hair texture. Women with curly hair want to have straight hair and women with straight hair want to have curly hair.

Going against the natural texture of the hair is really a cumbersome and time consuming task. However, both curly and straight hair styles really look great.

Let us here discuss about various effective tips of making curly-hair straight and straight-hair curly.

Making curly-hair straight

First of all, let us discuss about ways of making curly-hair straight. In order to attain straight-hair, you should start by shampooing and conditioning the hair before going to bed at night. A hair straightening or hair smoothing shampoo should be selected and the hair should be washed with this shampoo at night.

Thereafter, condition the hair with a good quality conditioner. Allow the hair to dry naturally overnight. When you wake up in the morning, make use of heat protecting hair mist on the hair. Thereafter, take a flat iron and straighten the hair with its help.

Make sure to take small sections of hair at one time to straighten the hair. Thereafter, apply anti frizzy hair cream so as to prevent the formation of curls in the hair. This is a very effective and good way to straighten curly hair. You would be really happy to see straight look of the hair with the help of this method.

Making straight-hair curly

Now let us discuss about ways to straighten curly hair. In order to straighten the curly hair, small and damp sections of the hair are taken and twisted. Hold each hair section with the help of bobby pin.

When you wake up next day in the morning, remove all the bobby pins and run your fingers in the hair. Very nice and bouncy curls would be formed in the hair. Make use of hair spray to hold the curls in place.

You would be very happy to see beautifully formed curls in your hair with this simple and effective method.